Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health PDF:

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Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health PDF

A brief overview of Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health latest edition

For all health students and junior doctors studying for critical paediatric and child health exams and who need a rapid reminder during their clinical appointment, this pocket reference and revision guide is a must. This version has now been carefully revised to provide relevant details. As well as the signs, symptoms, and aetiological agents, on common paediatric problems and disorders.

The section covers surgical issues, procedures, and general paediatric management, including techniques of resuscitation and tips on paediatric background.

It presents in alphabetical order, represents the latest recommendations on the NICE and pediatric procedure, and provides more than 15 additional presentations such as eczema, food allergy, and behavioral disorders.

Each theme is organized in an A-Z format and includes the same headings – Description, Etiology. The following also included in this edition: relationships, risk factors, epidemiology, narrative, examinations, pathology, research, management, complications, and prognoses.

Key features

Here is are the key features of Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health free download:

  • A-Z format for fast and easy information access
  • Strict factual organization of every page after the mnemonic sequence “Rapid” with one page per condition
  • Smartphone fast reference pocketbook
  • Published by young physicians and students.

Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health PDF Free Download:

you can easily download free pdf of Rapid Paediatrics and Child Health by clicking the link given below.

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