Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing 10th Edition PDF:

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Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing 10th Edition PDF

A Quick Overview of Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing 10th Edition:

Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing 10th Edition PDF has long been one of the leading psychiatric nursing texts for undergraduate students. This popularity is due to its comprehensive coverage of important nursing and medical concepts, the widely used stress-adaptation framework, and a biopsychosocial approach that stresses the mental health continuum and strong, current coverage of psychobiology and psychopharmacology reflecting the contemporary biological emphasis in psychiatry.

The seventh edition offers a new, dynamic four-color text. The basic structure and award-winning approach of the book will be retained in the revision, accentuated by a new theoretic emphasis on evidence-based practice, which strives to decrease the knowledge gap between clinical research and everyday practice. Integrating this cutting-edge information will make Stuart & Laraia’s approach unique in the psychiatric nursing market.

Key Features of Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing 10th Edition PDF:

  • Provides a comprehensive presentation of current principles and practice of psychiatric nursing with a balance of theory and clinical application.
  • In text and online learning tools including bolding of important concepts in the textbook, chapter study notes, audio chapter summaries, new consumer videos, and much more.
  • The Stuart Stress Adaptation Model of health and wellness provides a consistent nursing-oriented framework.
  • An emphasis on evidence-based practice bridges the knowledge gap between clinical research and everyday care.
  • Summarizing the Evidence boxes in the disorders chapters examine the research that supports psychiatric nursing care and highlight findings in the field.
  • Family focus and discussion of outpatient care is emphasized throughout the text in response to current trends in psychiatric nursing.
  • Nursing Treatment Plan Summary tables present care plans including patient goals with nursing interventions and rationales to guide nursing care related to the treatment of major disorders.
  • Patient Education Plan and Family Education Plan tables include key information that the nurse needs to share with the patient and his or her family.
  • Case studies provide in-depth examples of clinical scenarios to demonstrate step-by-step application of the nursing process.
  • Critical thinking questions interspersed throughout the text challenge you and promote independent clinical reasoning.
  • Therapeutic Dialogue boxes offer specific examples of nurse-patient interactions to demonstrate the difference between therapeutic and nontherapeutic communication.

Table of Contents:

Unit One: Principles of Psychiatric Nursing Care
1. Roles and Functions of Psychiatric Mental Health Nurses: Competent Caring
2. Therapeutic Nurse-Patient Relationship
3. The Stuart Stress Adaptation Model of Psychiatric Nursing Care
4. Evidence-Based Psychiatric Nursing Practice
5. Biological Context of Psychiatric Nursing Care
6. Psychological Context of Psychiatric Nursing Care
7. Social, Cultural, and Spiritual Context of Psychiatric Nursing Care
8. Environmental Context of Psychiatric Nursing Care
9. Legal and Ethical Context of Psychiatric Nursing Care
10. Families as Resources, Caregivers, and Collaborators
11. Implementing the Nursing Process: Standards of Practice and Professional Performance
Unit Two: Continuum of Care
12. Prevention and Mental Health Promotion
13. Crisis Intervention
14. Recovery and Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Unit Three: Applying Principles in Nursing Practice
15. Anxiety Responses and Anxiety Disorders
16. Psychophysiological Responses and Somatoform and Sleep Disorders
17. Self-Concept Responses and Dissociative Disorders
18. Emotional Responses and Mood Disorders
19. Self-Protective Responses and Suicidal Behavior
20. Neurobiological Responses and Schizophrenia and Psychotic Disorders
21. Social Responses and Personality Disorders
22. Cognitive Responses and Organic Mental Disorders
23. Chemically Mediated Responses and Substance-Related Disorders
24. Eating Regulation Responses and Eating Disorders
25. Sexual Responses and Sexual Disorders
Unit Four: Treatment Modalities
26. Psychopharmacology
27. Somatic Therapies
28. Complementary and Alternative Therapies
29. Cognitive and Behavior Change Interventions
30. Preventing and Managing Aggressive Behavior
31. Therapeutic Groups
32. Family Interventions
Unit Five: Treatment Settings
33. Hospital-Based Psychiatric Nursing Care
34. Community-Based Psychiatric Nursing Care
Unit Six: Special Populations in Psychiatry
35. Child Psychiatric Nursing
36. Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing
37. Geropsychiatric Nursing
38. Care of Survivors of Abuse and Violence
39. Psychological Care of Patients with a Life-Threatening Illness
A. NANDA International-Approved Nursing Diagnoses
B. Diagnostic Criteria for Mental Disorders (DSM-IV-TR)

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Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing 10th Edition

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