Disaster is a a sudden accident or a natural catastrophe that causes great damage or loss of life and that are difficult to manage for many reasons because of the magnitude of the event, lack of evidence-based practices, and the limited usefulness of many developed protocols. This book will provide realistic and practical approached to the academic protocol of disaster.

oxford american handbook of disaster medicine pdf

In this post we share OXFORD AMERICAN HANDBOOK OF DISASTER MEDICINE PDF 1ST EDITION FREE with a quick review and features. The PDF link is available at the end section of this article.

This handbook is a portable guide that provide a functional blend of science with pragmatism. The Oxford American Handbook of Disaster Medicine offers real-world perspective scientific background to facilitate broader application and problem solving. The topics in this book supporting rapid understanding and utilization of clinical and public health providers with disaster experience.

Features Of Oxford American Handbook Of Disaster Medicine PDF:

Following are the important features of this book given below;

  • A pocket guide with short summaries and bullet-point format presentation for easy to read and revised.
  • Comprehensive concise small size book for Disaster medicine.


Following are the complete chapters of this book given below:

Part 1: Introduction

1 Definition of a Disaster
2 All-Hazards Approach
3 The Disaster Cycle: An Overview of Disaster Phases
4 Mitigation Phase of Disasters
5 Preparedness Phase of Disasters
6 Response Phase of Disasters
7 Recovery Phase of Disasters

Part 2: General Concepts

Components of Disaster Response
8 Local Level Disaster Response
9 State Level Disaster Response
10 Federal Disaster Response
11 Military Disaster Response
12 Emergency Management in Disasters
13 Emergency Medical Services
14 Public Health in Disasters
15 International Disaster Response
16 Complex Humanitarian Emergencies
Hospital Components of Disaster Response
17 Hospital Administration Disaster Response
18 Hospital Ancillary Services Disaster Response
19 Hospital Medical Staff Disaster Response
20 Hospital Nursing Disaster Response

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Part 3: Pre-Disaster Considerations.

21 Disaster Length: An Overview
22 Short Term Events (Hours)
23 Long Term Events (Days)
24 Extended Events (Weeks to Months)
25 Hazard Vulnerability Analysis
26 Drills and Evaluation

Part 4: Fundamental Principles of Disaster Management.

27 Communications
28 Decontamination
29 Evacuation
30 Force Health Protection
31 Incident Command System
32 Mass Sheltering
33 The National Response Framework
34 Pediatric Concerns
35 Personal Protective Equipment
36 Regional Mass Care
37 Provider Mental Health
38 Disaster Triage
39 Vulnerable Populations

Part 5: Special Considerations in Disaster Management

40 Research in Disaster and Triage Settings
41 Disaster Training and Education
42 Medical Ethics in Disasters
43 Politics and Disasters
44 Rural Approaches
45 Urban Approaches
46 Terrorism
47 Risks and Variations of an Aerosolized Bioterror Attack
48 Public Media Relations
49 Ultrasound in Disaster Medicine
50 Disaster Informatics
51 Palliative Care in Disaster Medicine
52 Legal Aspects of Disaster Medicine.

Part 6: Specific Hazards in Disasters

Human-Caused Disasters
53 Man-Made Threats: An Overview
Biological Disasters
54 Anthrax
55 Botulism
56 Plague
57 Smallpox
58 Tularemia
59 Viral Hemorrhagic Fevers
60 Other Biological Agents
Chemical Disasters
61 Asphyxiants
62 Blister Agents
63 Organophosphates/Nerve Gases
64 Cyanide and Other Chemical Agents
65 Pulmonary Agents
66 Riot Control Agents
67 Explosives
68 Mass Shootings
69 Nuclear Terrorism

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70 Radiological Terrorism
Mechanical and Structural Disasters
71 Automobile Disasters
72 Bus Disasters
73 Fires
74 Rail Disasters
75 Subway Disasters
Air and Sea
76 Aviation Disasters
77 Helicopter Disasters
78 Ship Disasters
Natural Disasters
79 Natural Disasters: An Overview
80 Avalanche
81 Cold Weather
82 Earthquakes
83 Flooding
84 Heat Wave
85 Hurricanes
86 Landslides and Mudslides
87 Lightning Strikes
88 Influenza Pandemic
89 Tornadoes
90 Tsunami
91 Volcanic Eruption

Part 7: Post Disaster Considerations

92 Survivor Mental Health
93 Displaced Populations
94 Lessons Learned
95 International Disaster Response Organizations
96 Future Humanitarian Crises.


Oxford American Handbook Of Disaster Medicine PDF Download Free:

you can download this book in PDF form by clicking the link given below.

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