Fundamentals of Pathology by Husain Sattar (Pathoma) PDF:2023

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Fundamentals of Pathology pdf

Brief Overview of Fundamentals of Pathology by Husain Sattar (Pathoma)

This book is a very famous pathology book for students in the medical field in the USA and everyone worldwide.

This book is supposed to be a review to medical students who have studied and are preparing for board exams that are incorporated with licensing, such as Pathoma’s USMLE author Husain A. Sattar.

This textbook is arranged according to the key pathophysiology and pathology textbooks and is thus well versed in the curriculum recommended by medical schools in the USA.

The author, Husain A. Sattar, suggests that this book can be used in combination with Pathoma video presentations. As the book’s preface states, the publishers have made it possible to take notes so that they can be very useful for the readers when revision time comes around.

How to utilize this Book

The greatest way for you to understand this book, is to read it, then watch the Pathoma video lectures and lastly, re-read the book. This approach allows students to develop very clear concepts and to improve everything they have learned so far.

Table of Content

Here is the complete Nineteen chapters available in this book:

1st Chapter: Adaptations of growth, cell injuries, and death from cells.

2nd Chapter: Inflammation and healing of wounds

3rd Chapter:  Concepts of Neoplasia

4th Chapter: Disorder related to Hemostasis

5th Chapter: Red Cell Disorganization

6th Chapter: Diseases of White Blood Cells

7th Chapter: Diseases of the veins

8th Chapter: Pathology of the heart

9th Chapter: Pathology of the Respiratory Tract

10th Chapter: Pathology of the Stomach

11th Chapter: Exocrine pancreas, pathology of the bile and liver

12th Chapter: Pathology of the Urinary and Kidney Tract

13th Chapter: Pathology of the Female reproductive system and pregnancy

14th Chapter: Male pathology of the genital system

15th Chapter: Pathology of the Endocrine

16th Chapter: Pathology of the Breasts

17th Chapter: Pathology of the Central Nervous System

18th Chapter: Pathology of the musculoskeletal system

19th Chapter: Pathology of the skin.

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