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Ethics in Pediatric Nursing PDF

From the learning aspects

This pediatric nursing book is famous among pediatric nurses to learn ethical dimensions and their applications in clinical settings. In addition, this book is helpful for students and junior nurses to gain confidence in pediatric nursing. Moreover, this book provides all-important clinical aspects to treat children conveniently. In this way, this book provides all kinds of supportive care protocols to treat anxious pediatric patients.

About the author

Gosia M. Brykczyńska (Cert, BA, BSc, RNT, Cert Ed)

  • Expert in the nursing profession
  • Former nurse professor at Charles west school of nursing, London
  • Currently a lecturer at the institute of advanced nursing, St Bartholomew’s hospital, London
  • Wrote several other books on nursing and ethical correlation
  • One of the top-notch nursing expert
  • Several publications authorized by her name

Clinical features of Ethics in pediatric nursing

This book covers all important dimensions of pediatric nursing. It explains all-important ethical practice dimensions for pediatric nursing practice. In addition, it also provides clinical protocols for neonatal care. In this way, the latest edition of this book wraps all diverse dimensions of pediatric nursing. Let’s get into the details.

Special care for handicapped pediatric patients

This book also focuses on the special treatment of handicapped patients. In addition, this book also provides all ethical protocols for these special patients. Moreover, this book also describes various treatment options for these special patients. In this way, this book covers all proper dimensions related to pediatric nursing.

Psychological nursing

This book also helps to console pediatric patients related to psychological aspects. In addition, this book provides proper care to prepare these patients for any treatment. It also reduces the fear among the patients regarding any procedure. Moreover, this book covers all protocols for the psychological management of their parents too.

Intensive care nursing

This book also emphasizes the ethical protocols for intensive care unit pediatric patients. The ethic for these ICU patients surrounds complex, multifaceted, and emotive issues. With new pediatric nursing technologies, these patients have a good prognosis to respond to these nursing therapies.

Community care protocols:

This book also focuses on the community care protocols for children. It includes all ethical codes for pediatric patients to achieve confidence. The major concern of this topic is to provide community-based care to these patients.

The second major concern is about special ethnic groups that encircle a special group of children. This book also provides ethical care for the special group of children with specific aspects of care.

Changes delivered in the current edition of ethics in pediatric nursing

This book, ethics in pediatric nursing, focuses on every innovative feature related to pediatric nursing ethics. In addition, it also explains several other special serious conditions of children that come under the heading of pediatric nursing. Moreover, it offers a thorough explanation of all critical details with appropriate research.

Several new changes are part of this latest edition. These changes are described below to have a review of this book.

  • Covers a diverse range of pediatric nursing specialties
  • Several chapters on ethic issues covering adolescent care, child abuse, teenage mother, behavior modification, and many other programs
  • Wide enough to provide pediatric nursing activities ranging from neonatal care to adolescent health screening
  • Special ethical protocols to carefully manage intensive care unit patients
  • A huge discussion on neonatal nursing care
  • Also, provide community based supportive care ethics to children
  • Provides knowledge to support a special group of children in the community
  • This book also covers details of pediatric nursing related to the psychological aspects of children.
  • It also explains ethical care to manage handicapped pediatric patients.
  • It also counsels their parents to provide support during the treatment.

Content details of ethics in pediatric nursing

This book, ethics in pediatric nursing, provides detailed information regarding the management of children. In addition, this book provides detailed information about the ethical management of neonates, adolescents, and children. Moreover, it also covers a wide range of clinical aspects. This book also explains detailed information about the ethical management and treatment of children.

This book also highlights questions related to the text to attract readers. In addition, this book is user-friendly because of its simple and elaborated explanation of the context. In this way, this book provides all the basic information related to pediatric nursing.

This book covers all critical aspects of pediatric nursing to assist students and nurses. Content details of this book are highlighted below:

Chapter 1 – ethics and pediatric nursing practice

Chapter 2 – ethics in neonatal nursing

Chapter 3 – ethical issues in pediatric intensive care unit

Chapter 4 – issue in community care

Chapter 5 – ethical issues in the practice of nursing in psychiatry

Chapter 6 – ethical issues in the care of the profoundly multi-handicapped child

Chapter 7 – ethical considerations in pediatric nursing research

Book name: Ethics in pediatric nursing
Author: Gosia M. brylczynska
Publisher: Springer-science + business media
Book length: 157 pages
Edition: Illustrated

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Conclusion and download link:

This book provides a detailed explanation of pediatric nursing. It explains all the ethical protocols in a very understanding way. In addition, this book explains the complex concepts of pediatric nursing in a very effective way. Moreover, this book also helps to provide clinical assistance.

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Ethics in Pediatric Nursing

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