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Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition pdf

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition | the Knowledge Bank

Brief Description

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition is a guru in the field of human nutrition and dietetics. Experts in this field will approve of this. We call it a complete package because it is covering nearly all parts of human food. Once you have it in your hands, you don’t need another source of knowledge to study humans. Don’t you feel fortunate in finding such a goldmine of expertise? Well, keep reading as we disclose other features of this book for you.

The best thing about this encyclopedia is how it describes the application of human nutrition in clinical practice. Thanks to the author, Dr. Benjamin Caballero, and respected editors of this book. They made an appreciable effort to compile such an excellent book for you. This encyclopedia is elementary to study. Either you are a medical doctor checking some specialized topic or a general reader. If you are searching for an unfamiliar subject, there is nothing to worry about as long as you have it.

In addition to this, there is no doubt about the quality of this encyclopedia. The publisher of this book, Elsevier, is the second name for quality. That is why you will see the data in this book with good referencing and structures. Are you curious about some more facts about this knowledge bank? Let us help you with that. This encyclopedia also provides ‘links’ to the relevant articles. Also, there are ‘Further Reading Topics,’ so you can quickly go into the details of topics of your interest.

About the Author

Well, the credit of this knowledge bank goes to Dr. Benjamin Caballero and respected editors. The present affiliation of Dr. Caballero is Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, U.S.A. He is serving as a Professor at two Schools. They are Bloomberg School of Public Health and Pediatrics at the School of Medicine. He is an international subject expert on child health and nutrition. Thanks to his experience of more than twenty years. We are all benefitting from him.

What a genius mind he has! He did his MD degree from the University of Buenos Aires. After that, he pursued his Ph.D. from MIT. He is the founder of the Center for Human Nutrition at Johns Hopkins University, Maryland, U.S.A. The efforts of Dr. Caballero resulted in the release of this encyclopedia. Dr. Caballero made it so good that international-level experts recommend it. The international importance of the Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition is due to its broad approach.

Editions of Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition

Medical and biological sciences are advancing with time. Therefore, any book published in this field also needs constant revamping and updating. The editor’s Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition also considered this fact and revised this encyclopedia. As a result, we see three editions of this encyclopedia. Do you think about the years in which these editions came? Let us throw some light on them:

  • The first edition: 25th September 1998
  • The second edition: 20th July 2005
  • The third Edition: 28th December 2012

The editor-in-chief of this encyclopedia was Dr. Benjamin Caballero. Other editors were Lindsay Allen Andrew Prentice. We can see the same order in all editions. We recommend the third edition to get updated knowledge, which will help you in practice and gain advanced information.

Why Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition Over other Similar Books?

Well, in the field of medical and biological science, there is an excellent variety of books available on different subjects. Are you frustrated enough to know which book to choose? Or are you thinking about what qualifies this encyclopedia for selection? We understand your confusion. That is why we are here to make you know how this book is a complete package. You should not go for other books once you have them. Here is why.

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition covers all the advances in the domain of human nutrition. The information is up-to-date. The award-winning indexing system accompanies the data. In a virtual sense, it is effortless for everyone to use. So, there are no worries whether you are a medical practitioner or not. Another excellent feature is the online availability of the Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition. So, now it is pretty easy to browse, search, and further study using cross-referencing. The navigation is straightforward and flexible.

Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition| Third Edition

No one can deny the critical role of nutrition in life and fighting diseases. Researchers on a global scale are conducting studies to have advanced knowledge of the already existing concepts. Thanks to Dr. Caballero for incorporating these advancements in the Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition. The second edition won the award. Therefore revising the second version has been a challenging task. However, the editors did the best job. This edition has included different topics – plant-based diet, food safety, bioengineering, weight management, vitamins, etc.

In addition to this, we also see other articles—for example, nutritional labeling, organic food, religious aspects, bio-fortification, etc. So, now you can access this edition through your institutional log-in for studying it without fees. Or you can purchase your copy from Amazon at a reasonable cost.

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last words and download link;

It is a fact of happiness for us to suggest to you this encyclopedia whether you are a biological science student or belong to a general audience. By sticking to it, you will gain a piece of advanced and complete knowledge about human nutrition. We would love to see your worthy response in the comments part. Have a good time reading it!

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