Download Vishram Singh Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax PDF Free:

Today, in this article, we are going to share with you Vishram Singh Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax PDF for free download. We hope that you all find this blog post useful.

Download Vishram Singh Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax PDF

This book encompasses all the keen details of the upper extremities and the thorax region in detail. There is a detailed description of all bones of the upper limb like radius, ulna, humerus, and wrist bones. In addition, this book also provides great information regarding radio-ulnar joints and various other joints present in the upper limb region. It also covers all the muscular attachments to the bone. There is also a brief description of the arterial and venous supply, lymphatic drainage, and their proper innervation.

This book also incorporates all the details of the thorax region. Moreover, it also offers a detailed review of the clinical aspects of the lungs and heart. In addition, it explains the clinical importance of all these structures to highlight their clinical importance.

Features of Vishram Singh Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax PDF:

  • Complete revised edition of all chapters to make it up-to-date.
  • A detailed review of the oral cavity with their appropriate innervation.
  • Multiple chapters on the osteology of head and neck
  • A detailed review of every structure present in the head and neck region( parotid gland, parathyroid or thyroid gland, anterior and posterior triangles of the neck). This detailed overview is more helpful for dental students as their important domain.
  • Clinical aspects integrated into the context details to highlight its importance in clinical practice.
  • Improved graphics and quality of the previous images to memorize all details.
  • Include new chapters related to surface anatomy.
  • Addition of multiple line diagrams, CT, MRI images to demonstrate the latest technology.
  • Clinical case presentations are available at the end of every chapter to make the details clinically interesting.
  • Multiple-choice questions at the end of every chapter to review the important details.
  • Additional information for higher education purposes written in N.B to engage the readers and enhance the interest level of students
  • Important details mentioned in golden facts to remember are essential to clear any international exams like USMLE, PLAB, PGME.

Final Words:

download free pdf of Vishram Singh Anatomy Upper Limb and Thorax

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