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The Color of Atlas of Family Medicine pdf

A Brief overview of The Color of Atlas of Family Medicine

This book has a specialty of medicine that provides integrated health care for all ages. Professionals in these criteria of health care are called a medical doctor.

For decades, the second edition of the Color Atlas of Family Medicine has remained the top option for physicians. It gives its readers a quintessence of expertise and aids them in understanding the basic concepts and medical conditions of family medicine by using photographic images.

The 2nd Edition of the Color Atlas of Family Medicine is a highly-intensive atlas that was formed to aid physicians to diagnose correctly by their investigation of disease signs and clinical manifestations.

You can help take your education to the next educational level and study it all before you take a vital board examination with its overwhelmingly broad set of clinical images and high-performance results. Photographs of real-life patients have been collected in this book.

Key Features of The Color of Atlas of Family Medicine

Here’s a quick run down of the key features available in this book:

  • The entire book material has been organized into the scheme of anatomy and physiology of the human body to make it easy for the readers to understand.
  • The book also covers a chapter on major pediatric disorders in addition to adult diseases.
  • 600+ photos showing significant and regular clinical situations in high definition and full color.
  • High-performance points and diagnostic pearls can be found anywhere inside the book (in the form of tables and bounced points).
  • A special chapter on physical & sexual assault, substance abuse, and the physical and mental illness of women have been added.

Table of Content

This book has a total of nineteen chapters, each chapter explaining each chapter in precise detail.

Below is the complete table of contents of The Color of Atlas of Family Medicine:

  1. Imaging and Professional Imaging Learning
  2. Family Medicine’s Essence
  3. Abuse of physics and sex
  4. Opthalmology
  5. Ear, Throat, and Nose
  6. Oral medicine
  7. The heart and blood movement
  8. The Pulmonary System
  9. Infection-related to the stomach and the intestines
  10. Genitourinary
  11. Health of women
  12. Musculoskeletal problems
  13. Dermatological method
  14. Podiatry
  15. Diseases of Infection
  16. Endocrine
  17. Neurological sciences
  18. Abuse of drugs
  19. Appendix.

The Color of Atlas of Family Medicine pdf free download:

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