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Download Selective Anatomy by Vishram Singh PDF

Most undergraduate medical students face different kinds of problems in professional exams regarding anatomy. To not get prepared for professional exams is the only nightmare for any undergraduate medical student. This Selective anatomy textbook by Vishram Singh is specifically organized to guide medical students for their clinical and board exams.

Students prefer handy notes or short books for the basic revision of any major subject. This book meets all the expectations of students. Moreover, this book explains all the important details in a very straightforward and effective way. In addition, this book provides a complete guide about anatomy concepts.

Clinical facets of selective anatomy by vishram Singh

  • Well-understood by the medical students because of its easy way of organizing details
  • All chapters are thoroughly revised and updated for better learning
  • Diagrammatic representation to enhance visual learning
  • Highlighted key points help to revise all details
  • Organized presentation of all information and details


There are several clinical aspects of this selective anatomy textbook to focus on for exam preparation. This book covers all characteristic features by keeping in view all the important details of anatomy.  Let’s move towards its feature.

Easy to revise

This book provides a thorough revision of all important chapters. In addition, it provides answers to the questions in a very straightforward way. This feature makes this book super easy for students to revise all chapters.

Diagrammatic illustration

The latest edition provides access to the new line diagrams for the improved retention of knowledge. In addition, these colorful diagrams help to retain all concepts in visual memory. Most students find this feature interesting to help in the learning process.

About the author:

Dr. vishram Singh ( MBBS, MS anatomy)

  • Dr. vishram Singh is currently a professor and head of the department of anatomy. In addition, he is also a member of the academic council at Santosh medical college, Santosh University, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh India.
  • Editor in chief and journal of the anatomical society of India
  • He received the best teacher and researcher award from AL-Arab medical university, Libya
  • He is an expert in anatomy who wrote more than 15 books. Moreover, he also published several research articles in national and international journals or publications.

Changes delivered in the latest edition (2nd edition) of Selective anatomy by vishram Singh

There are several changes in the latest edition to make the details up-to-date. These changes are beneficial from the perspective of students. Moreover, these updated details also help the students in their international exams.

  • Revision of all chapters for improvement
  • Systematic presentation of the information and details for the ease of students
  • Focus on the main points that are important for examination point of view
  • Improvement in the graphics and quality of the previous diagrams and tables
  • Addition of multiple new line diagrams and other images to enhance retention of knowledge
  • Highlighted bullet points for rapid revision and self-assessment before any exam
  • Additional information is listed under N.B for higher academic value to make the details more interesting

Additional aspects:

  • Access to complimentary eBook
  • Covers competency codes integrated within the texts

Other important features of Selective anatomy by vishram Singh

There are many other features of this book that are helpful for the assessment of medical students. Let’s go through them.

Main points

This book is available in two different volumes for very focused details. In addition, every volume provides details regarding the major aspects of the book.

There are two volumes of this book, Selective anatomy by Vishram Singh.

Volume 1 – general anatomy, general histology, upper limb, head and neck, and brain

Volume 2 – general embryology, genetics, lower limb, thorax, abdomen

Selective anatomy by Vishram Singh, volume 1

As mentioned above, this volume 1 explains the important structures of the upper limb, head and neck, and brain. In addition, this book also provides all the necessary details of general anatomy and histology. In this way, it covers the general but essential anatomy features to lay a firm foundation of concepts.

Besides these basics, this book explains all important osteology features and muscular attachments to these structures. Moreover, this book also explains the histologic features of various cells to differentiate these structures on the microscope.

These all features make this book a concise and easy book for medical students. This book is very famous among medical students for board exams preparation.

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Selective anatomy by Vishram Singh volume 2

This book covers all the details of the lower limb, thorax, and abdomen. In addition, this book also explains the general embryology and genetics involved in the development. In this way, this selective anatomy volume II illustrates the important concepts of human development and growth.

This volume II provides great information about the bones and their muscular attachments. This book also explains the important joints and clinical aspects related to these structures.

Selective Anatomy by Vishram Singh PDF Free Download:

You can easily download free pdf of Selective Anatomy by Vishram Singh by clicking the link given below.

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