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Parsons Diseases of The Eye PDF

The eye is a very delicate and vulnerable part of the human body. A physician must be proficient in treating the various diseases of the eye. In addition, there must be sufficient knowledge associated with eye diseases and their management. This book, Parson’s diseases of the eye, provides detailed information related to the disorders of the eye and their proper management.

The recent edition of this book provides unparalleled guidance on every aspect of ophthalmic conditions and procedures. In addition, this book also highlights the latest advancement in the field of ophthalmology. Moreover, these all characteristic features make this book a comprehensive and contemporary guidebook for students.

From the learning aspects:

This book is best for undergraduate students to learn about the diseases of the eye. In addition, this book also covers the basic needs of postgraduate students related to eye pathology. Moreover, this book also provides the main clinical points to learn at the end of the book. This book also highlights the main components of the eye for improved concepts.

About the author:

Ramanjit Sihota  (MD, DNB, FRCS, FRCOphth)

Professor of ophthalmology at Dr. Rajendra prasad center for ophthalmic sciences, All India institute of medical sciences, New Delhi

He was a graduate of CMC Vellore, a renowned institute with more than 30 years of experience in ophthalmology and medical teaching.

He received numerous awards and was also an author of 300 peer-reviewed papers, books, and chapters.

Radhika Tandon (MD, DIPNB, FRCOphth, FRCSEd – gold medalist)

Professor of ophthalmology at Dr. Rajendra prasad center for ophthalmic sciences, All India institute of medical sciences, New Delhi

Received multiple awards and also an author of several papers, books, and chapters

Clinical characteristics of Parson’s diseases of the eye:

This book possesses multiple characteristic features for the readers to understand the details of the eye. In addition, this book helps to improve clinical diagnostic skills and clinical expertise in ophthalmology. Moreover, this book is comprehensive and includes concise details related to ophthalmic disorders.

Case studies:

This book includes case studies about ophthalmic procedures. These case studies help to improve the clinical experience and better diagnostic capability.

Radiology images:

This book includes a detailed section on the radiology of the eye. These radiologic images help to diagnose various diseases of the eye. In addition, it also helps to improve clinical expertise.

Additional features

This book offers learning objectives at the start of every chapter. In addition, this book also explains the main points at the end of the book. Moreover, this book also includes clinical images, flow charts, and tables in every chapter. These all features are helpful for a quick review of the details and enhanced learning skills.

Changes delivered in the latest (22nd) edition of Parson’s diseases of the eye

This book exhibits several main features to make this book highly recommended for medical students. In addition, the latest edition of this book explains every detail in a convincing way. Moreover, this book covers all information in clear and friendly presentation styles. This book offers authoritative coverage of ophthalmic diseases descriptively.

Let us highlight the critical details of this book for the readers.

    • Comprehensive and concise details for improved learning
    •  Reader-friendly edition with important information highlighted in points, boxes, and flow charts
  • The latest edition exhibits compliance with the new competency-based curriculum.
  • Addition of learning objectives at the start of every chapter make this book engaging and easy to memorize.
  • The addition of three new chapters makes this edition up-to-date and advanced.
  • Multiple new clinical photographs, flow charts, and tables to facilitate easy and quick learning
  • Radiology images and case studies added for various ophthalmic procedures
  • This book also includes the latest information about astigmatism, dry eye, eye donation, eye banking, and various other programs.
  • The provided information may help to prepare for post-graduation entrance exams and other international competitive exams.
  • A pdf format of this book is available for the reader to provide access to this book on any electronic media platform.

Content details of Parson’s diseases of the eye

This textbook, Parson’s diseases of the eye, covers all fundamental details related to ophthalmology. In addition, this book also provides a detailed section on eye anatomy and physiology for better learning. Moreover, this book also offers examination techniques to diagnose the diseases of the eye.

This book encompasses a detailed overview of the diseases of all components of the eye. In the same way, this book also describes the systemic diseases causing multiple eye disorders. Moreover, this book also explains preventive ophthalmology for a better understanding of genetics and etiology. This book also covers essential surgical instruments for various surgical procedures.

This book is divided into nine sections for enhanced and focused learning. This book covers all the fundamental aspects and disorders of the eye for better clinical approaches. Let us have an overview of the book details for a better review. This book covers:

  • Anatomy and physiology of the eye and visual pathway
  • Ophthalmic optics and refraction
  • Basics of clinical examination and treatment
  • Diseases of the eye
  • Eye movements and their disorders
  • Diseases of the adnexa
  • Systemic ophthalmology
  • Ophthalmic emergencies
  • Preventive ophthalmology
  • Ophthalmic instruments and their practical usage.

Parsons Diseases of The Eye PDF Free Download:

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