Download Modern Medical Toxicology by V V Pillay pdf:2023

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Modern Medical Toxicology by V V Pillay pdf

A Brief Overview of Modern Medical Toxicology PDF:

Learn ECG in Day offers a systematic approach to ECG interpretation, i.e. where the ECG band should start from and how to cross without losing a finding when a physician comes face-to-face with an ECG band.

Firstly, the book focuses primarily on functional aspects, simple approach approaches, and their implementation in a clinical scenario to interpret ECG. Moreover, the topics cover three-dimensional definition clarification, systematic ECG analysis, myocardial infarction detection site, and artery detection with the support of ECG.

This book contains over 100 photos and pictures to better understand the definition.

The material of the reader shall be ordered according to the following headings: criteria, principle, cause, and clinical characteristics, which make it easy to remember.

Secondly, the exclusion of unnecessary information covers the clarity of speech carefully without sacrificing the ECG’s understanding. Also, the book is ideal for doctors’ pupils, home surgeons, post-graduate students’ initial years, paramedics, nursing students, or people who want to improve on their ECG interpretation skills in a clinical setting.

This book, covers specifics of corrosive agents, irritant poisons, neurotoxic agents, cardiovascular and toxins, asphyxiants, even pediatric and obstetrician poisons.

MMT rapidly offers knowledge to help physicians achieve optimum treatment since poisoning cases constitute a large percentage of hospital admission.

The more medical toxicology is specialized, the more important this knowledge becomes. Specialists and generalists need to obtain knowledge about different poisons easily at some point or another.

Table of contents;

Here are the sections found in this book. There are 12 sections in total. Here they are stated exactly the way they are in this book by the authors:

  1. general principles
  2. corrosive (caustic) poisons
  3. chemical poisons
  4. organic poisons (toxins)
  5. neurotoxic poisons
  6. cardiovascular poisons
  7. asphyxiant poisons
  8. hydrocarbons and pesticides
  9. miscellaneous drugs and poisons
  10. Food Poisons
  11. Substance Abuse
  12. Analytical Toxicology.

Modern Medical Toxicology by V V Pillay pdf free download:

you can easily download free pdf of Modern Medical Toxicology by V V Pillay by clicking the link given below.

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