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Diagnosis of ENT Disorders: You Make the Call pdf

The most important clinical skill for any general physician or surgeon is only to diagnose the disease. As the treatment plan is based on the proper diagnosis, this is important to know all information essential to diagnose any disorder. This book, Diagnosis of ENT disorders: you make the call, covers important diagnostic points related to diagnosing ENT disorders following their proper treatment.

This book provides fundamental knowledge related to the diseases of ENT. In addition, it also covers the essential explanation information for the diagnosis of different disorders. There must be a key point of every disorder. This book explains the important key points to identify any specific disease.

From the learning aspects

This book covers all disorders related to the explanation of ear, nose, and throat. By providing all information, this book helps to diagnose the specific disorder of any structure. Moreover, it explains the etiology of these diseases specific to any disorder. In this way, this book explains multiple aspects of any disorder that help to diagnose the disease.

About the author:

Ellen  S. Deutsch (MD, FACS, FAAP)

Al DuPont hospital for children, Wilmington, DE

Bruce R. Maddern (MD, FACS, FAAP)

Jacksonville, FL

Clinical features of Diagnosis of ENT disorders: you make the call

There are several clinical aspects of this bookish presentation that will help to diagnose all important diseases related to ENT. In addition, this book also explains every important feature of all diseases. These all features will help to diagnose the multiples diseases using clinical examination and proper history. Let’s go through these features.

Clinical examination

This presentation explains all the methods and procedures to know about the disease. In this way, it helps to confirm your provisional diagnosis formed based on history and details.

Differential diagnosis

This presentation also explains the differential diagnosis of various diseases. This feature will help to differentiate one disease from another and also provides common findings between different diseases.

Pictorial illustration

This presentation also includes several clinical images to explain the real-life presentation of these diseases. In this way, you can have guidance related to the visual memory of these diseases. This feature also helps to diagnose the disease by only Clinical examination without any further procedure.

Clinical examples

This presentation also provides different Clinical examples of various patients. In addition, it also explains the diagnosis, examination, and treatment approach for these patients. In this way, this presentation attracts the reader and also summarizes all the details in a compact pattern.

Treatment plan

This book also explains the treatment plan for common diseases of the ear, nose, and throat. In this way, it provides all important details of the diseases on the same topic. Treatment for diseases is of two types

  • Pharmaceutical intervention
  • Surgical management

In this way, this presentation completely covers every aspect of a Specific disease. This method of presentation is better for understanding all these complex details related to ear, nose, and throat disorders.

Specific features in this modified presentation of Diagnosis of ENT disorders: you make the call

There are different qualities of this presentation that Will help you to achieve excellence regarding the Diagnosis of various ENT disorders. This form of presentation is a part of the latest teaching trends using the multimedia platform. This presentation serves various Clinical features for the convenience of readers and practitioners. Let’s review these points.

    • Written in a simple and effective to make the details easy for everyone.
    • This presentation covers almost every disease related to the ear, nose, and throat.
  • It also highlights the diseases of the oral cavity that is very much helpful for dental students.
  • It also includes several infectious diseases and their management protocol.
  • It also highlights the pathology of cyst formation and its management.
  • It also explains several developmental disorders produced during the fetal period.
  • Details described in a pattern of important features following differential diagnosis, diagnostic methods, and treatment plans for diseases
  • Includes multiple clinical images to describe details in a better way.
  • Also provide Xrays and CT scans for various diseases to understand the details in a better way.
  • Includes real-life clinical examples to understand the concepts of these diseases in a clinical setting.
  • Includes several tests to assess the function and vitality of the ear, nose, and throat.
  • Also explains the right examination techniques and proper protocol.
  • Also includes questions related to diseases to engage the reader and an assessment of the reader.
  • A pdf format is available for this presentation making it easy for everyone to get access.

Content details of Diagnosis of ENT disorders: you make the call

This presentation covers a vast variety of structures related to the ear, nose, and throat. In addition, it describes all concepts with a very detailed explanation. Moreover, this presentation covers infectious, congenital, physical, bacterial, and virus origin diseases for a detailed elaboration

This presentation covers a lot of diseases of structures associated with the ear, nose, and throat. Let’s explore the content details of this presentation.

  1. Ears
  2. Nose
  3. Oral cavity
  4. Face
  5. Sinuses
  6. Neck
  7. Larynx, trachea, bronchi, esophagus

This presentation covers congenital and developmental anomalies of all these above-mentioned structures. In addition, it also provides references for the details to confirm the authenticity of the content. Moreover, this also describes all examination procedures and questioning to make the details more interesting.

Diagnosis of ENT Disorders: You Make the Call pdf free download:

you can easily download free pdf of Diagnosis of ENT Disorders by clicking the link given below.

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