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Clinical Aspect of Dental Materials 5th Edition PDF Free

This updated Fifth Edition of Gladwin and Bagby’s market-leading title focuses on providing students with a dental materials background that emphasizes the clinical aspects of dental materials, while also introducing concepts of materials science.

The book’s three-part structure addresses types of dental materials in the 22 chapters of Part I, includes laboratory and clinical applications (essentially a built-in lab manual) in Part II, and presents 11 case studies in Part III that serve as an overall review and help students strengthen their critical thinking skills when providing patient care.

Features of Clinical Aspect of Dental Materials 5th Edition PDF:

Following are the features of this book given below;

  • Up-to-date content that reflects the latest advances in dental materials
  • clinical photos, review questions, and online videos all combine to help students develop the understanding of dental materials they need for successful dental hygiene practice.

Table of Contents:

  • Part  I  Theoretical Perspectives
  •   Chapter  1  Introduction
  •   Chapter  2  Materials Science and Dentistry
  •   Chapter  3  Physical and Mechanical Properties of Dental Materials
  •   Chapter  4  Adhesive Materials
  •   Chapter  5  Direct Polymeric Restorative Materials
  •   Chapter  6  Amalgam
  •   Chapter  7  Dental Cements
  •   Chapter  8  Impression Materials
  •   Chapter  9  Gypsum Materials
  •   Chapter  10  Materials for Fixed Indirect Restorations and Prostheses
  •   Chapter  11  Removable Prostheses and Acrylic Resins
  •   Chapter  12  Dental Implants
  •   Chapter  13  Specialty Materials
  •   Chapter  14  Clinical Detection and Management of Dental Restorative Materials during Scaling and Polishing
  •   Chapter  15  Radiographic Appearance of Dental Tissues and Materials
  •   Chapter  16  Polishing Materials and Abrasion
  •   Chapter  17  Tooth Whitening
  •   Chapter  18  Oral Appliances
  •   Chapter  19  Instruments as Dental Materials-Care and Maintenance
  •   Chapter  20  Infection Control and Safety in the Dental Office
  •   Chapter  21  Disinfection of Impressions, Dentures, and Other Appliances and Materials
  •   Chapter  22  General Rules for Handling Dental Materials
  • Part  II  Laboratory and Clinical Applications
  •   Chapter  23  Mixing Liners, Bases, and Cements
  •   Chapter  24  Application and Removal of the Rubber Dam
  •   Chapter  25  Pit and Fissure Sealants
  •   Chapter  26  Amalgam Placement, Carving, Finishing, and Polishing
  •   Chapter  27  Taking Alginate Impressions
  •   Chapter  28  Fabrication and Trimming of Study Models
  •   Chapter  29  Fabrication of a Custom Impression Tray
  •   Chapter  30  Elastomeric Impressions
  •   Chapter  31  Vital Tooth Whitening Procedures
  •   Chapter  32  Debonding Orthodontic Resins
  •   Chapter  33  Placement of the Periodontal Dressing
  •   Chapter  34  Removal of the Periodontal Dressing and Sutures
  •   Chapter  35  Temporary Crowns
  •   Chapter  36  Composite Finishing and Polishing
  •   Chapter  37  Tips for the New Hygienist
  • Part  III  Case Studies.


Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, School of Dentistry, West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia

Clinical Aspect of Dental Materials 5th Edition PDF Free Download:

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Clinical Aspect of Dental Materials 5th Edition PDF


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