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Clinical Anatomy: Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors PDF

Anatomy is a very vast subject to deal with the most complex concepts. For a medical student, it is necessary to be proficient in anatomy. This book, clinical anatomy: Applied anatomy for students and junior doctors, helps to provide clinical related concepts.

For a medical student, only bookish knowledge is not sufficient to excel in clinical practice. He must have a strong grip on anatomy’s clinical aspects and details. A doctor or postgraduate student must have the clinical expertise to excel in the surgery profession.

From the learner’s point of view

This book provides all the clinical information related to anatomy. In addition, this book also covers the use of anatomy details and structures in clinical practice. This book emphasizes more on the information and details related to clinical skills. This book is one of the best books for anatomy problems regarding clinical practice. Moreover, this book is an ideal option for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as junior doctors.

About the author

This book is a combined effort of:

Professor Harold Ellis

    • Clinical anatomist at Guy’s, king’s, and St. Thomas’ school of biomedical sciences, London
    • Professor of surgery at the charing cross and Westminster medical school, London
  • Formerly, he was an examiner in anatomy at primary FRCS (England)
  • He joined as a co-author for this latest edition

Professor Vishay Mahadevan

  • He is a Barber’s company reader in anatomy at the royal college of surgeons and Raven department of education.
  • A renowned teacher of surgical trainees
  • Examiner for the MRCS exams

Characteristic aspects of clinical anatomy: Applied anatomy for students and junior doctors

There are several clinical facets of this effective anatomy book for practitioners. Some of them are following:

  • Highly emphasize the importance of clinical related problems
  • Provides a vast variety of clinical scenarios that highlight the importance of anatomy in clinical practice
  • This book also offers clinical case studies to attract the reader and engage their attention.
  • User-friendly book because of its straightforward easy details

features of this book:

Let’s have a detailed review of the features of this book.

Clinical details

As the name indicates, this book covers all the fundamental details related to clinical anatomy. This book is specifically organized to enhance clinical concepts among the students and junior practitioners.

Pictorial illustration

This book covers multiple clinical scenarios with diagrammatic representation. In addition, these images help to improve visual learning among the readers. These clinical images enhance to memorize all these important concepts.

Digital flashcards

Besides providing clinical images, this book also offers Digital flashcards of all clinical images. In addition, these photographs represent the latest technologies like MRI, CT scans.

Clinical change delivered in the latest (14th edition) of clinical anatomy: Applied anatomy for students and junior doctors

This book delivers an updated version of all clinical information. In addition, multiple features were added for the convenience of students and doctors. Let’s review these details.

  • Provides detailed knowledge regarding clinical practice for students and practitioners and also offers content for non-surgical trainees
  • A detailed collection of illustrated clinical scenarios explained with appropriate case studies
  • Many images modified for clear illustration with High graphics
  • Addition of radiological images to explain the anatomy on X-ray film
  • This updated edition includes a lot of medical images following the latest technologies like MRI for the updated knowledge
  • A detailed explanation of the nervous system to hold on to basic concepts
  • An updated revision of neuroanatomy and lower limb section for improved clarity
  • Offers great clinical expertise for undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as junior doctors
  • Also offers a companion website to provide Digital flashcards of all the illustrated diagrams free of cost

Other important advantages of clinical anatomy: Applied anatomy for students and junior doctors

There are many other aspects of this clinical anatomy textbook that are essential for learning clinical skills. These features not only provide a strong foundation of anatomy concepts but also great clinical skills. Let’s review these unique features.

Correlation of concepts

This book entails the gross details of anatomy in association with histology and embryology aspects. In addition, it provides a correlation between all these important aspects of anatomy. In this way, we can go through gross anatomy, histology, and embryology at the same time.

Nervous system explanation:

This book separately explains the vast details of the human nervous system. In addition, it also illustrates neurology as related to medical practice. In this way, this book also emphasizes the nervous system correlation with clinical practice.

Content details of clinical anatomy: applied anatomy for students and junior doctors

This textbook covers the anatomy of all human structures in detail. In addition, this book put more emphasis on the clinical aspects of anatomy. In this way, it correlates the anatomy concepts to the clinical practice. This book is a concise version of all clinical concepts related to anatomy.

In the earlier chapters, this book covers the important radiographic examination of the chest associated with diseases. Moving on, this book further illustrates the surface markings and surface anatomy of various structures. Because of all these basic features, this book is a maintenance bridge for clinical concepts.

This book is divided into five basic parts to provide focused details of the structures.

  • Part 1 – the thorax
  • Part 2 – the abdomen and pelvis
  • Part 3 – the upper limb
  • Part 4 – the lower limb
  • Part 5 – the head and neck

At the start of every part, this book highlights the surface anatomy and markings of every structure. Besides these, this book thoroughly explains all important structures related to that part. Moreover, it also explains the radiographic features of any structure.

This book illustrates the anatomy of bony structures with their associated muscular attachments. In addition, it also highlights the important joints related to these bony parts. This book also explains the blood and nerve supply and lymphatic drainage of these structures.

Clinical Anatomy: Applied Anatomy for Students and Junior Doctors PDF Free Download:

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