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Apurba Sastry Microbiology PDF

What Is Microbiology?

Micro means small, Biology is the study of the life of organisms. Microbiology is the study of the microscopic form of life with its reproduction, physiology, participation in nature, relationship with other organisms, their significance in science and industry.

On regular basis, we get in contact with different microorganisms. Some of them are harmful like Pathogenic Bacteria while some are not harmful to us.

Features Of Apurba Sastry Microbiology:

The features of Apurba Sastry Microbiology PDF is discussed under different heading.

Table of content Apurba Sastry Microbiology PDF

The table of the content given with concise topics divided into 57 chapters in 7 sections to make it easier for the students to find the specific topic on different pages.

Enhancement of topics with images

The Book is the power pack for the medical students who want to prepare for their exams. The format of an Apurba Sastry Microbiology PDF changes the boring subjects of microbiology into interesting ones because of the enhancement of the topics through the precise images related to all the contents.

Advancement of the different topics

Some of the topics of the Apurba Sastry microbiology is based on advanced research of the specific topic and contain the updated matter of the precise topic

Highlights boxes for the important areas

Highlight boxes are included in the Essential of Medical Microbiology- Making it the contented book for the Medicos to study their field-related topics.

Summary boxes of Apurba Sastry Microbiology

The Book has summary boxes of different treatments and laboratory diagnoses making it different from others books on Microbiology essentials.

Multiple Choice Questions 

At the end of each chapter, the Apurba Sastry Microbiology book contains MCQs to ensure the preparation for the medical exam

Why Medicos should Consider Apurba Sastry Microbiology?

The main reason medicos should consider Sastry Microbiology because of its abridged content with a bulleted point that is easy for the medic to study to the point detail of Microbiology. It contains precise topics on the microbiology essentials with the different features in it.

Diagramatic images after every topic can help medicos to solve the diagrammatic questions in the exams. If students prepare for exams with the help of this book they will surely get the exact grades they want.

Contents of the Apurba Sastry Microbiology

It contains a total number of 631 pages divided into 6 sections with 57 chapters on different topics of Microbiology and contains some extra topics in the Annexures section.

Microbiology (Section 1)

This section contains a total of 8 chapters from Page no. 3 to 87 including the topics of the introduction of microbiology and its history with bacterial taxonomy, Bacterial morphology, and physiology, Sterilization,  disinfection, Culture media and methods, Bacterial identification, and Genetics, with Antimicrobial agents, resistance, and susceptibility test.

Immunology (Section 2)

This section contains 12 chapters from Page no. 97 to 202 with all the topics including Antigen, Antibody and their reactions, Complement, Structure of the immune system and its responses, Hypersensitivity,  Autoimmunity, Immunodeficiency Disorders, Transplant, and cancer immunology and Immunoprophylaxis.

Systemic bacteriology ( Section 3)

This section contains 20 chapters from Page no. 211 to 40 Which includes detailed chapters on different types of bacteria based on their shape from Cocci, Spirilla, and  Bacillus with differentiating them into Gram-positive And Gram-negative Bacteria.

Virology (Section 4)

This section contains 11 chapters from Page No.411 to 542  which includes all the details about the virus from its introduction to its properties and different types of viruses based on DNA and RNA.

Mycology (Section 5)

This section contains 6 chapters from Page no. 549 to 615 which includes all the topics of medical mycology in detail.

Applied Microbiology (Section 6)

This section contains 5 chapters from Page no. 581 to 615 including topics of Normal microbial flora of the human body, Clinical Microbiology, and Infective syndrome, Hospital-acquired Infections, Biomedical waste management, and bacteriology of different things.

Annexures (Section 7)

This section contains extra topics based on 4 chapters from Page number 625 to 631 which includes the topics of Emerging and Re-emerging infection, Bioterrorism, and zoonosis.

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