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Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills PDF

Are you in a state of confusion? Why choose Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills when a number of books are available on nursing skills? You are right in thinking so. However, it is important to mention that, unlike other books, Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills is the complete package.

You will be able to gain complete knowledge about nursing from a single book. This book series will provide you with the appropriate and authoritative knowledge about the constantly changing era of medical sciences. The revised editions have especially taken into account the nursing population.

Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills represents deep theoretical background and guidelines which are needed in nursing practices on daily basis. Furthermore, it can also be used as a learning tool by new nurses. The language of the book is so simple that all nurses, either new or experienced, can use it to advance their knowledge.

Dr. Gayle Bouska Altman and her team worked very hard in compiling and updating this book series. Dr. Altman is a registered nurse (RN) and Ph.D. holder. She is the Director of the Learning Lab at the University of Washington. Dr. Altman is famous for her contribution to the initiation of the coronary care units in Washington in the 1970s. Additionally, she also initiated a mobile coronary care system.

Highlights of all editions

Are you wondering about the content inside different editions of Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills? Also, are you in a state of confusion about which edition to choose in the current era? The following section throws light on the contents and important features of all three editions of Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills in a brief manner. A comprehensive account has been added to aid you in using this series for enhancing your knowledge.

Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills | 1st Edition

Authors| Gayle Bouska Altman, Patricia Buchsel, Valerie Coxon

Publisher & Date of Publishing | Delmar Cengage Learning & September 3rd, 1999

This edition is compiled in a brief and comprehensive manner. You will find it very easy to understand since the authors used good quality illustrations for covering more than 200 nursing skills. Taking into consideration the nursing process in five steps, the book is written in a clear and concise manner.

Yes, you will have no trouble following the format written in an easy way. Through this, you will be able to gain competence in your skills. This promotion of competence can be both at the basic level as well as complex skills of nursing. This edition has laid a special focus on different issues of the sexes, culture, and ages. By this approach, you will see Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills explaining the real-world scenarios of the healthcare facilities. Therefore, such knowledge will enable you to relate your clinical experiences with the text in this book in a systematic way.

Apart from the scientific basis of skills in nursing, this book also deals with the teaching of the clients, documentation, apparatus, and equipment, and the frequent issues occurring during nursing practice. By studying these, you will be able to avoid such common pitfalls. So, this edition is a complete clinical manual for nurses having good readability.

 2nd Edition

Authors| Gayle Bouska Altman

Publisher & Date of Publishing | Delmar Cengage Learning & July 29th, 2003

2nd edition of Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills is a considerably refined version. You can see the colored version making it easier for you to understand the facts and figures in it. Overall, this edition is organized in a good manner about the nursing process.

Thus, it is a good source of learning for all the nurses whether they are working in hospitals or are at home. Any individual associated with the field of nursing admires the systematic way adopted by Dr. Altman in compiling this version. They suggest that it can be adopted as the book of beneficial principles and guidelines for working in the nursing domain.

What’s more interesting about this edition?

This edition is not just text-based knowledge provisioning. You will obtain a visual understanding of the concepts by accompanying video series. Such videos are short and self-explanatory, having a 5 – 10 min duration. These videos will give you a step-by-step guideline to make you fully understand the theory and re-enforce it.

This edition is actually a complete package for you, along with the visual aid component. Different types of topics being covered by Dr. Altman in this edition are physical assessment, safety considerations, and control of infection, care and comfort of the clients, basic care, administration of the medicines, feeding the patients and elimination process, oxygen and circulation, maintenance of the integrity of the skin and care of the wounds, support, and an account of the special procedures has been added.

Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills | 3rd Edition

Authors| Gayle Bouska Altman

Publisher & Date of Publishing | Delmar Cengage Learning & January 1st, 2009

3rd Edition of Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills represents a complete guide of nursing. It has used more than 800 illustrations for covering the basic skills of the nursing field. Covering all the topics inside one book has made it a complete package for nursing students of all grades and college audiences. This version also includes a few minute videos to help you understand things in an easy manner.

In this edition, you will see that the chapter sequence has not been altered. This sequence is the same as in the 2nd edition. Therefore, if you are familiar with the 2nd edition or if you have been taught the 2nd version, then it may be easy for you to understand this one. In such a scenario, you will have to revise and update your concepts.

Better Learning from Delmar’s Fundamental Nursing book| Some Suggestions

  • You can use any edition, preferably the updated one, 3rd edition Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills for your learning.
  • Only stick to Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills as your complete textbook and guidebook. You must consider it from an action point of you. If you only use facts for memorization, then you will not get the real benefit from it.
  • Try to re-enforce the concepts given in the book by Dr. Altman and compare them with real-life scenarios.
  • Don’t forget to watch the short videos given with each chapter. This will make things easier for you to memorize. This practice will also enable you to skim the facts.
  • You can always use the knowledge in Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills your learning. However, always be very careful in delegation or supervision of a task if you did not receive your license yet.

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Last words:

The field of medicine is an ever-transforming domain.  People in this field need to adopt a smart approach towards learning and using their knowledge. They need to be updated and flexible towards the changing world scenario. People in the field of nursing also need to adopt such an approach. By using Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills for your learning in smaller but consistent steps, you will be able to polish your skills.

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Delmar’s Fundamental and Advanced Nursing Skills PDF

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