Deja Review Family Medicine PDF:

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Deja Review Family Medicine PDF

Brief Overview of Deja Review Family Medicine pdf

This book sums up your training to the critical principles you have to know for good analysis. A two-column “flashcard” in book format, this unsightly guide features a quick read question and answer format. – designed particularly to help you recall in the least possible time a large number of relevant details.

This format only enables you to zero-in on the right responses to facilitate storage and make the most of your time learning. Deja Review is a great way for you to know your strong and weak subjects at the last minute so that you can excel with your staff and USMLE phase 2 CK.

Key Features of Deja Review Family Medicine:

  • Contents arranged as a patient should.
  • Active recurring questions help you to learn, not simply to store the content
  • At the end of the book, clinical vignettes will train you for questions like an examination board would.
  • compact size – can easily be placed in your coat pocket to research when on the go
  • Added bookmark for a quick presentation of a flashcard

Table of Contents of Deja Review Family Medicine:

Here is the table of content for deja review family medicine, it has a total of 44 chapters and five sections:

Section I: Chronic Disease Control

Part 1: Diabetes mellitus

Part 2: Cardiac diseases

Part 3: Fatal Kidney Disease

Part 4: Disease thyroid

Part 5: Osteoporosis

Part 6:  Chronic pulmonary diseases

Part 7: ADHD and Attention Deficit

Part 8: Anxiety and Depression

Section II: Common Complaints.

Part 9: Head pain

Part 10: Sleep Disturbances and Insomnia

Part 11: Dizziness

Part 12: Eye pain (red eye)

Part 13: Throat, Ear, and Nose problems

Part 14: Mass of the Neck

Part 15: Chest Pain

Part 16: Issues related to coughing

Part 17: Joint and muscular pain

Part 18: Injuries related to work and sports.

Part 19: Breast pain, masses, and discharge of the nipple

Part 20: Stomach Pain

Part 21: Diarrhea

Part 22: Stool Blood

Part 23: Genital dysfunction

Part 24: Swelling and scrotal pain

Part 25: Urinary incontinence

Part 26: Vaginitis and Dysuria

Part 27: Bleeding of the vagina and Dysmenorrhea

Part 28: Planning for family

Part 29: Problems in Dermatology

Section III: Irregular results and examinations.

Part 30: Irregular Blood cell count

Part 31: Irregular Functions of the Liver

Part 32: Unusual Electrolytes

Part 33: Unique Urine results

Part 34: pap smear outcome

Part 35: Tuberculin skin (positive)

Part 36: Cardiac Exam

Part 37: Exam of Neurology

Section IV: Wellness of the Community (and Individuals)

Part 38: Statistics, well man and well-woman examinations and preventions

Part 39: Health Examinations for newborn infants and children

Part 40: Geriatric Wellness

Part 41: Preparticipation in physical sports

Part 42: Medicinal Travel

Part 43: Regular obstetrical treatment

Section V: Clinical Description

Part 44: Clinical Description

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